About Us

YogiAnatomy is a collaboration of two physical therapists and yoga teachers who believe that yoga can offer benefits to clients and patients alike. With that, YogiAnatomy endorses the inclusion of yogic principles into rehabilitation plans of care and seeks to provide therapists with evidence that supports the use of asana practice, pranayama and meditation. YogiAnatomy also seeks to provide easy to understand and practical information for yogis and yoga teachers to apply principles of anatomy and physiology to inform their practices and best serve their students.

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Dr. Lori S Zucker

Lori S. Zucker, PT, DPT, MA, CYT has been a physical therapist for over 30 years and a dedicated yogi since 2001. She is primarily a clinician who has been integrating yoga and yogic principles into her practice for many years. Lori has been an adjunct professor at Rutgers University’s physical therapy program for over 20 years helping to bring a clinical perspective to new generations of physical therapists. She was recognized by the APTAnj with an Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award. Lori teaches basic and advanced anatomy workshops for people who want to be yoga instructors or who are interested in enhancing their knowledge.

Dr. Ellen Z Anderson

Ellen Zambo Anderson, PT, PhD, RYT has been a physical therapist for over 30 years and a yogi for half of that. She is an associate professor of physical therapy with a strong background in therapeutic exercise, and has written a book, several articles, and many book chapters on the use of complementary therapies in rehabilitation. She teaches anatomy for yoga teacher trainings and has taught workshops on safe practice, yoga for back pain. Dr. Anderson is also a registered yoga teacher and regularly teaches Foundation classes for persons new to yoga or those wanting to practice yoga in ways that can address their physical concerns.