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Yoga & the Science of Aging

A review of the physiological changes that occur with ageing will be paired with the yogic practices of asana (postures), meditation, and/or breathing to help your patients, students and clients journey gracefully through the “golden” years.


Fabulous 50 Vermont

This weekend retreat is designed for rehabilitation professionals with and without yoga experience who are interested in learning how yogic principles can be integrated into rehabilitation plans of care that address an array of concerns facing people over 50.

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A Case for Yoga

An Experiential Workshop Integrating Yoga forPatient Care

Using a case-based approach, participants will view rehab sessions through two different lenses. One, through the lens of traditional examinatin and therapeutic interventions. The other, through the lens of a therapeutic yogic approach.

Hatha Class

Tackling the Opioid

Pain & Stress Epidemic with Yoga

This workshop will highlight the effects of yoga on the autonomic nervous system and how pain and other chronic conditions can be positively affected without opioids.

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