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Whether you're a serious yoga practitioner or a relative novice, YogiAnatomy’s Teacher Training will give you the knowledge and tools to dive deeper into yoga and be able to set your own course whether it’s teaching yoga to groups or private clients, incorporating yoga into your patients’ plans of care, or jump-starting your own personal transformation.

Our teacher training is unique not only because it incorporates the healthcare knowledge of our students into every session and discussion, we also include two 5-night retreats at the beautiful Quinta el Zopilote in Atlacholoaya, Mexico where our surroundings and schedule allow for several asana classes along with meditation, pranayama, chanting and an exploration fo the philosophy of yoga.  We will come together as a Kula, a Sanskrit word meaning community – a group of people who come together freely, with intention and a shared sense of purpose.

Between the two 5-night retreats, we will meet via Zoom every 2-3 weeks to discuss and learn from each other about the application of yoga in everyday life and work.

If you have questions, please email us at, call us at +1-201-375-3370 or WhatsApp Ellen Anderson at +1-908-456-2059

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